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Benchtop table saws are typically lightweight, do not have a stand or wheels and are designed to be put on a bench top, table or other type of stand (some stands for benchtop table saws can be purchased separately) or support when in use. This type of benchtop table saw is typically utilized by DIYers, homeowners and sometimes contractors. Banchtop models are typically also much cheaper in price than hybrid or cabinet based models. However, benchtop models are generally less sturdy, have fewer features and are less accurate than hybrid and cabinet models. Depending on what the saw will be used for, a benchtop model may meet your needs. Portable table saws are very similar to benchtop models, buy have a stand and or wheels to help with ease of transport, setup and use. Below are some benchtop table saws. Click each to see price comparisons between different sellers and the best price for each model.