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What do you get for someone that has everything? What do you get when you are shopping for a gift for a wealthy person, someone where for them, money is no object (because they have a lot of it) and anything that they want they can just buy themselves? The answer, a unique luxury gift. But wait, where to find such a gift and what is that anyway? The answer is that you need to find a high-quality hand crafted luxury item. This could be art or a sculpture piece, it could be a custom car if you have the budget, or it could be hand crafted custom furniture. If your budget is substantially less than that and you still want to get something that fits the bill. Then there are smaller cheaper hand crafted & luxury things. Check out some of our suggestions:


Rolex 18K Gold Men’s Watch

What says luxury more than a Rolex? With a Rolex, you know that it is high quality, even if it does break it comes with a two-year warranty. I could go on about how it is made out of all kinds of great materials and etc… but you already know that it is 18k gold and a Rolex. Those two things don’t need an explanation which is why this is such a great luxury gift! If you give this as a gift, the receiver will remember fondly you every time they want to know the time. This gift is perfect for a man.  Available for UNDER $30,000 what a bargain, buy now!


Rolex 18K Gold Rolex Ladies Watch

Guys, listen, ladies love Rolex watches too. What is better to show a special lady how much they mean to you than a gold and silver, diamond encrusted Rolex? Giving this will get you some serious brownie points! Features of this watch include:

  • It is a Rolex
  • It is 18k gold & silver
  • It has diamonds

Available for purchase for UNDER $17,000. Other styles available, buy two.


Fine Handcrafted Furniture Solid Mahogany Wood Ming Coffee Table – 59″

Nothing shows quality and luxury quite like fine solid mahogany wood! This coffee quality table would make a great gift for any home. Just make sure that their current coffee table is not made of solid gold or this one won’t look like an upgrade! This item is available for rock bottom price of ~$950 plus shipping. Some assembly is required but nothing that a butler or maid could not handle and if they can’t, professional assembly can be added when you purchase. If this item is still too expensive, read on, we have listed some cheaper items in case they are not really that great of a friend.


Fine Handcrafted Furniture Solid Mahogany Wood Mississippi End Table / Nightstand – 26″

That is right, more wood furniture. Hard wood is in vogue these days, you didn’t know, just ask a female friend, most ladies love hard wood. This wood end table or night stand is a bit cheaper but still great quality and still has a luxury feel. This is ideal for looking great, storing a Rolex, cash or credit cards in the drawer. You could even put some other luxury stuff on the top or in the space below. Buy it now for ~$370. This item comes fully assembled so the butler can have the night off.

Hand-Crafted Glasses, Red, Set of 6

We might be stretching the definition of luxury here but these hand crafted set of 6 glasses are unique and high quality but the price tag does not have many digits on it. When giving these glasses as a gift, you will still be able to create a WOW moment when you tell them that they are unique and hand crafted but probably not as much as a Rolex. Still, with the Kudos that you get from giving these as a thoughtful gift, you will probably out-do 99% of any other gift givers. At under $35 you don’t even have to think about buying it and can just click the add to cart & check out. Buy it now.


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