Best Circular Saws Under $150

See the top rated circular saws under $150 below. Unfortunately, there are not many models in this price category.  Click on a model to see more information, reviews & ratings (where available) about it and price comparisons between different sellers.

You should understand that cheaper circular saws have limitations in terms of their power, functionality and build quality. Some of the features are not usually available in cheaper models. Cheaper models are more suited to novice woodworkers & limited Do-It-Yourself applications who want to get something to start them off. If you are not a beginner and are more of an intermediate or advanced user you may want to purchase a model in a more expensive price class.

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DEWALT DW384 8-1/4″ Circular Saw [Best Price, Price Comparison & Review]
Rear pivot depth of cut adjustment allows your hand to remain behind the tool at all depth of cuts, high torque motor for increased productivity, 50 ...
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